Our Team

Trisha Diehm - Principal Adviser 
Business Owner of Protect Life Insurance and Insurance
Specialist Extraordinaire.

Trisha Diehm is the Company Director and Principal Adviser at Protect Life Insurance, she has been a founding member of Protect Life Insurance since July 2013. Trisha started as the Senior Client Manager and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge during this time.

A passion of Trisha’s, is working closely with many sporting teams, and in particular local rugby league clubs by protecting them in times of need. Trisha’s ambition and commitment is unquestionable as she thrives by helping as many people as possible with all aspects of
financial planning.

Trisha’s Qualifications

  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Authorised Financial Adviser

Shannon Cope

Client Manager –"Preparing Real Solutions for the Future."

Shannon loves being part of Team Protect, in fact, one of the most important things to Shannon is family, and this is the main reason she joined the Protect Team.

After leaving the Banking and Finance industry after 17 years, Shannon now finds herself most excited about meeting new people and helping them through real live situations that require her exceptional customer service skills and attention to detail.

In the past Shannon has been effected by loved ones passing away and family members struck with unexpected injury. She is a strong advocate for Protect Life Insurance and confidently loves to discuss how in times of stress and sorrow things can be made a little easier with the right guidance, support and methods in place.

Shannon is very active in her local community and is prepared to assist local companies, clubs and associations by providing time effective group forums, discussing what Protect can do to assure family and friends are Protected when most needed.

Shannon’s Qualifications

  • Certificate III in Banking & Financial Services
  • Diploma of Financial Planning (currently undertaking)

Lagi Roebeck
Client Manager - "
Restoring faith in the community, when times get hard."
Lagi’s kind and gentle nature is a breath of fresh air for her clients. She is never short of testaments regarding her approach and how trustworthy she is, which makes her a big part of the Protect Team.

Lagi has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a Client Service Manager and she is also very well educated with a University Degree in Law and Justice. She came to Protect Life Insurance with an open heart and open mind, and really wanted to give back so that people have a backup plan in times of need. This is the reason she practices with Protect and not the Law.

Her true passion lies with her cultural background and she also loves to restore faith within the community by providing guidance and options for clients. Lagi’s strength and beautiful personality transcends when she is with clients and in the Protect office.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Law and Justice

Sam Marcus
Client Manager - "Protecting those around you is so important."

Sam's biggest achievement is her young family and that is how she originally came across Team Protect. Having gone through the client process herself, Sam is able to put her personal experience into practice with her clients.

Having grown up around Rugby League and being involved as a volunteer on committees at clubs for many years, Sam has witnessed 
how injuries within the family can quickly put financial strain on an entire family and the importance of having insurance.

The skills that Sam has learnt in her previous professional background of Office Management and Book keeping have been an asset as a Client Manager  and she now has inter-changeable skills to use day to day with new clients of Protect.

Alisha Haines
Insurance Claims Manager  - "Assisting when it matters the most"                     

Alisha started with Protect Life Insurance as a Client Service Manager and mastered this role very quickly, now she manages and motivates all Client Managers and is Team Protects very own Claims Manager, whilst also working very closely with Director, Trisha Diehm.

Claims Management is where Alisha excels. Her patience is an asset as she manages Insurers to make sure Insurance claims are dealt with efficiently. Alisha has excellent communication skills works well under pressure to get claims processed on behalf of the clients.

Alisha loves being part of Protect because she sees the value proposition that is provided to the clients and families, and knows that this make clients feel comfortable and secure. Her attention to detail and accuracy is second to none and this makes her a very well respected part of the
Protect Life Team.